3d-scanning-ebook3D scanning is a growing sub-field of measurement that includes many types of scanning devices for a broad rangle of applications. Although relatively new on the scene, 3D scanning is widely accepted as an effective, accurate, and fast way to collect and analyze measurement data.


This guide will cover the basics behind 3D scanning, including: 

  • A description of 3D scanning and the types of 3D scanning available
  • The most common applications for 3D scanning
  • The advantages of using 3D scanning over other methods
  • Factors to help you decide whether to outsource or purchase equipment
  • Tips for deciding which 3D scanning technology to use
  • Some common myths about 3D scanning that should be debunked


3D scanning can be a powerful component of your dimensional measurement arsenal. Learn more about 3D scanning by downloading this ebook today.


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